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Solutions @ Infidea

Public Workshops & Seminars

Infidea conducts bi-monthly workshops on various topics which are selected keeping in mind the demand of the present day corporate world. The aim of Infidea’s public workshop is to engage a larger cross section of the audience across industries and geographical spread. The content preparation and delivery of these workshops are done by subject matter experts from Infidea. These workshops are equally popular among corporate houses who could nominate maximum number of participants without a strain on the training budget as well as individual participants who could select a workshop from a wide range of topics. The ideas and methodology makes our program not only lively, practical and memorable but also highly effective and productive.


Corporate Training

Performance management and productivity is the key to success in future and people with proper vision and goals will emerge winners in this survival for the fittest game. To help in this process, we shall be reaching out to different cities across India in the coming months with standardized training programs to help corporate and their employees in all stages of development.

At Infidea, we have invested in cutting-edge research-based program development, learning and assessment strategies which all point to building a strong foundation. By priming your people with a high performance mindset, as a foundation, your teams will be:

  • focused on the success of their peers and themselves
  • possess resilient behavioral strengths which will enhance individual effectiveness
  • increasingly engaged, productive and able to perform under pressure.

Our Approach

Infidea’s approach to training is very hands on and experiential one. Infidea has developed tools and approaches that ensure a great degree of effectiveness in the training that leads to actual solutions to issues and challenges.

Our workshops and training programs incorporate hands-on activities that simulate work environment practices and support immediate transfer of knowledge and skills to the workplace. Learning transfer and the reinforcement of learned skills are integral to Infidea’s approach to design, development and delivery.

Seasoned learning professionals work with you to develop and implement strategies to drive the transfer of learning to job performance and business results, and to measure, assess and document the results.

Delivered to your employees on your schedule, at your convenience, and developed around your needs, our training ensures that your employees receive effective and applicable skills and knowledge. We choose an evaluation strategy that is appropriate to your training initiative because we are committed to delivering results to your business.

Our clients enjoy the unifying benefits of consistent training across all locations, as well as the flexibility of choosing a delivery method that suits their needs . Wherever our client divisions are located, we are there to support them.


Career Guidance and Counseling Programs

Career Guidance and counseling for children above the age of fourteen is a necessity today. With more than 4000 careers to choose from, the need for "Career Guidance" at the right time is as important as educating and skilling them.


Planning at the right age keeps the focus and the choices better. Infidea's Career Guidance Program also makes the student life more stress free and holistic. Usually guidance, planning and counseling has been happening as a natural process along with academic results, parent/ elders/ relatives referencing, market trends and sometimes friends’ influence. It is at this juncture today the need for a proper assessment along with the above is necessary.


The assessment of an individual student’s interests, ability and personality is done using proven tools. The administration of these tools has been done on lakhs of students in India. The reports give a clear understanding of   the student’s interest, ability and personality. Apart from the diagnostic reports, views from the student regarding their ambition, strengths are captured. The facts captured are related to the achievements in academics as well as non academic areas.


This report along with the other data captured, become the basis of guiding the child to the right professions as the end goal. These could either match with the ambitions stated or could be suggestions which are better for the student.This is one of the areas of counseling which is required when this arises. The need for explaining this along with clear suggestions and guidance becomes important for parental as well as child motivation.


The area of career guidance and counseling is in terms of subject choices and courses to take up. In India there are more than 55,000 courses offered in the 31000 institutions for school leaving students. This requires proper informed decisions during application. The social and economic background is also an important parameter to keep in mind while counseling this.


The assessment leads to two more crucial areas of a student’s life and Guidance helps here too. These are the areas of learning ability as each human mind has a way of learning. The assessment helps identify this and enable the child to make learning meaningful and useful.


The other area for Guidance is in as far as the personality. Grooming and awareness at an early age makes the personality more rounded and effects the proper growth for the professional world.


The need for career guidance and counseling of students and their guardians is becoming essential to make their future happy and successful.


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Personality Development Programs

With the current economic scenario the corporates are even more particular on whom they hire and their risk taking ability has substantially reduced. Infidea offers personality development classes in Kolkata and Delhi that will help students to improve their chances of employment and support the successful transition from Campus to Corporate. The training we facilitate in degree colleges (Engineering/ Management, General) traverses Life-Skills and Employability Skills.
The personality development course in Delhi and Kolkata covers the following topics:

Duration: 1 Month

 Session 1 : Personality Development

   # Motivation and Confidence Building.
   # Power of Sub-Conscious Mind.

Session 2 : Self Analysis

    # Analysing Strengths and Weaknesses.
    # Self-Improvement Action Plan.

Session 3 : Etiquette Fundamentals

    # Business Etiquette and Grooming.

Session 4 : Horizontal Knowledge

    # Vertical Vs Horizontal Knowledge
    # Understanding the Perspective through Newspaper Editorials

Session 5 : Communications Skills

    # Verbal and Non Verbal
    # Presentation Skills


Employability Solutions

With the current economic scenario the corporates are even more particular on whom they hire and their risk taking ability has substantially reduced. Infidea propose training Solutions that will help students to improve their chances of employment and support the successful transition from Campus to Corporate. The training we facilitate in degree colleges (Engineering/ Management, General) traverses Life-Skills and Employability Skills.

Employability skills-- These programmes are specifically designed for final year students who would be seeking employment post completion of the course. Our programme shall act as a bridge between the academic world and the corporate world. These are transferable core skills that represent essential functional and enabling knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by the 21st century workplace.

Life Skills-- Students of 21st century are often bogged down by different levels of stress be it from academic pressure or problems in personal life. Our programme on life skills would help students to cope up with different levels of stress, which will help them to accomplish their ambitions and live life to the fullest potential, thereby managing and living a better quality of life.

Communication Skills for Beginners

  • Duration:
  • 12 Hours
  • Program Objectives:

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to

  • Create a positive and professional impression on others
  • Build rapport and communicate effectively with others.
  • Explain the effective use of workplace communication tools, such as the telephone and email.
  • Understand the practical aspects of effective verbal and written communication


Financial literacy

….When it comes to financial solutions, individuals tend to use thumb rule or seek advice from friends and relatives, which are often poor approximations compared to those that follow a systematic process. Outcome of bad advice would naturally be poor and eventually this results in people losing faith in financial sector. A big improvement of financial knowledge is necessary so that people learn about the benefits of prudent financial behaviour. We strongly believe that “financial literacy programmes” should be introduced in school level itself which will eliminate the possibility of making wrong financial decision in future.

Financial literacy plays a significant role in the efficient allocation of household savings and the ability of individuals to meet their financial goals. It also means the ability to seek sound financial advice. Keeping this in view, Infidea has designed specialized training programmes on Financial Literacy.

The Objective of this program is to help delegates to learn about the program on three different dimensions: financial knowledge, financial attitude, and financial behaviour.

This program has been designed for target groups which include working professionals, women, senior citizens and even students. Most people never receive a personal finance education and therefore no matter what their current knowledge level is, our program will aim at imparting sound financial knowledge much more than the majority of their friends and acquaintances so that they can effectively put their newfound knowledge to work which will help them in all areas of life.